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no more

i have a ridiculous amount of music from mansun, thanks in part to culturedgoat. in fact, i think i'm only 2 songs short of a complete collection. give or take a couple official live tracks possibly and no remixes.
and i'm here to share because i genuinely love my fellow mansunites.

to start off with, here we have "the xmas sessions". this apparently quite rare thing is actually a collection of 4 really early demos was "given away as a prize at the mansun fan convention in liverpool in 2000".
the xmas sessions
1. she makes my nose bleed
2. stripper vicar
3. dark mavis
4. egg shaped fred

i'll be posting the rest of the non-album tracks over the next few days.
if you have soulseek, my mansun folder is shared with everyone. username: sainteuchrid
please don't abuse that. download what you want, but if you like what you can buy in shops, go buy it.

since i'm sharing all my shit, if anyone has 'the greatest pain', 'the gods of not very much' and/or 'moronica (acoustic)', i need those. thanks.
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