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A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all on the Mansun mailing list.

Firstly, as we told you in the the last mailout, a Mansun 'Best Of' is coming out in the spring on Parlophone.

Work on the artwork is about to begin, so we would like to ask all fans on the database to send in any photos you have taken of the band over the years as a montage is currently being compiled for use somewhere on the album sleeve.

If you'd like to get involved please scan in your photos and send to mansun@parlophone.co.uk (preferably as high resolution print quality JPEGs or TIF files). Please do not send in any actual prints to the record label.

Also, please make sure you read the photographic agreement here which basically gives permission for Parlophone to use your shots on the artwork for the album.

Obviously your names will be credited in the sleeve notes if we use any of your photos and it will be a great way of becoming a part of the band's history. The 'Best Of' is being worked on as we speak and will also be available as a special edition CD/DVD containing videos and exclusive footage.

Paul is busy at present recording his first solo album, and his new official website, pauldraper.info, will be launched in the New Year. It will include exclusive audio and video content, news, as well as access to Paul's online diary of the recording of his new album. To find out when the site goes live, join Paul's Official mailing list now at www.pauldraper.info .

The Paul Draper Fansite www.pauldraper.net which is to be launched in the new year has now opened up its own fan forum at the following address http://forum.pauldraper.net, so those of you who cant wait for Paul's official site to launch, and feel the need to discuss the return of Mr Draper, head over there now to meet fellow fans.

Merry Christmas

Dark Mavis

Source: Mansun.net mailing list
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