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The last post got me thinking...

How about a massive music swap??

As I said before, I don't really see any harm in it as most (if not all) mansun's non-album tracks are unavailable commercially. Please say if there are any objections though!

Personally I'd love it as there are some tracks that I haven't managed to get hold of and am not sure if I'll ever be able to get hold of now. I'd be very happy to help people out if I've got anything they're after!

these are all the *non album* mp3s I have (not including tracks on Kleptomania CD2/CD3) in rough chronological order...

- The Greatest Pain
- Drastic Sturgeon
- Moronica
- The Edge (one of my favorites)
- No One Knows Us
- Things Keep Falling Off Buildings
- Rebel Without A Quilt
- Vision Impaired
- The Gods Of Not Very Much
- The Most To Gain
- The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail
- Spasm Of Identity
- Wide Open Space (Perfecto Remix)
- G.S.O.H.
- Face in the Crowd
- Hideout
- Mansun's Only Acoustic Song
- King Of Beauty
- I Deserve What I Get
- Six (Single Version)
- Church Of The Drive Thru Elvis
- But The Trains Run On Time
- What It's Like To Be Hated
- Golden Stone
- Can Only Disappoint U (dance remix)
- Black Infinite Space

I think that's everything - doesn't look so much when you cut out everything that hasn't been on an album at some point!

If anyone wants me to email any tracks then just let me know! Hotmail can send attachments of up to 10MBs now, so that should allow pretty much everything, but if there are any problems, I can always temporarily move tracks onto webhosting.

There are quite a few things that I want, which I'll jot down when i get a chance if there are people happy to share.

EDIT: wow! as a result of me making this list I have just discovered that I had a track floating about on my computer that I didn't know about! so i've also got "fade in time". well that's a nice bit of news :)
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