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Parlophone are pleased to announce that Legacy - The Best Of Mansun will be released on 18 September on CD, Special Edition CD/DVD and Digital Download.

Compiled by Paul Draper and Dom Chad, the collection features the lead tracks from all Parlophone EPs/singles including Wide Open Space, Stripper Vicar, I Can Only Disappoint U, Taxloss, and Legacy, as well as band favourites such as The Chad Who Loved Me and Getting Your Way.

The Special Edition CD/DVD format features all 16 promo videos, plus a brand new documentary cut from the band's own personal footage and narrated by Paul and Chad, who have given a new rare audio interview especially for the documentary (their first together since the end of the band). The DVD is completed with a montage of Super 8 footage and some recently discovered live footage of Taxloss at
Brixton Academy 1998.

1. I Can Only Disappoint U
2. Wide Open Space
3. Stripper Vicar
4. Being A Girl (Part One)
5. Negative
6. Take It Easy Chicken
7. Legacy
8. She Makes My Nose Bleed
9. Closed For Business
10. Six
11. Getting Your Way
12. Electric Man
13. The Chad Who Loved Me
14. Egg Shaped Fred
15. Slipping Away
16. Fool
17. Taxloss

1. Flourella
2. Egg Shaped Fred
3. Take It Easy Chicken
4. Stripper Vicar
5. Wide Open Space
6. Wide Open Space (US version)
7. She Makes My Nose Bleed
8. Taxloss
9. Closed For Business
10. Legacy
11. Being A Girl (Part One)
12. Negative
13. Six
14. I Can Only Disappoint U
15. Electric Man
16. Fool

Taxloss (Live at Brixton - 23/10/98)
Love Remains (Super 8 montage)
Nobody Cares When You're Gone (unseen documentary footage)

Look out for more info coming soon...


Source: I'm on the Mansun/Parlophone/Paul Draper mailing lists.

Wholy crap I'm so excited! I hope they release the DVD's to either be multi-formatted or they release some for the US fans as well.
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