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[16 Dec 2006|02:05pm]

found this while trolling youtube. you may or may not have seen it. the performance is very nice, but the interview is especially amusing because paul's awful attitude shines through. i almost feel bad for the girl who was leading it. almost. paul, your poopheadedness puts mine to shame. ::love::
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South of the Painted Hall [08 Oct 2006|09:49pm]

Well that was underwhelming.

Still, the DVD is quite fun.

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[26 Sep 2006|03:34am]

I have to do this every year, and you all know why.

Happy Birthday Paul! *sloppy high five*

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IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED!!! [02 Aug 2006|10:53am]

[ mood | giddy ]


Parlophone are pleased to announce that Legacy - The Best Of Mansun will be released on 18 September on CD, Special Edition CD/DVD and Digital Download.

Compiled by Paul Draper and Dom Chad, the collection features the lead tracks from all Parlophone EPs/singles including Wide Open Space, Stripper Vicar, I Can Only Disappoint U, Taxloss, and Legacy, as well as band favourites such as The Chad Who Loved Me and Getting Your Way.

The Special Edition CD/DVD format features all 16 promo videos, plus a brand new documentary cut from the band's own personal footage and narrated by Paul and Chad, who have given a new rare audio interview especially for the documentary (their first together since the end of the band). The DVD is completed with a montage of Super 8 footage and some recently discovered live footage of Taxloss at
Brixton Academy 1998.

1. I Can Only Disappoint U
2. Wide Open Space
3. Stripper Vicar
4. Being A Girl (Part One)
5. Negative
6. Take It Easy Chicken
7. Legacy
8. She Makes My Nose Bleed
9. Closed For Business
10. Six
11. Getting Your Way
12. Electric Man
13. The Chad Who Loved Me
14. Egg Shaped Fred
15. Slipping Away
16. Fool
17. Taxloss

1. Flourella
2. Egg Shaped Fred
3. Take It Easy Chicken
4. Stripper Vicar
5. Wide Open Space
6. Wide Open Space (US version)
7. She Makes My Nose Bleed
8. Taxloss
9. Closed For Business
10. Legacy
11. Being A Girl (Part One)
12. Negative
13. Six
14. I Can Only Disappoint U
15. Electric Man
16. Fool

Taxloss (Live at Brixton - 23/10/98)
Love Remains (Super 8 montage)
Nobody Cares When You're Gone (unseen documentary footage)

Look out for more info coming soon...


Source: I'm on the Mansun/Parlophone/Paul Draper mailing lists.

Wholy crap I'm so excited! I hope they release the DVD's to either be multi-formatted or they release some for the US fans as well.

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[14 Jul 2006|12:02am]
sorry i've been slacking.

all my non-album, non-bootleg live tracks.
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[08 Jul 2006|03:45pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

here's the last of the ep tracks.
1. the most to gain
2. thief
3. things keep falling off buildings
4. vision impaired (one of my favorites)

since there were only 4 that haven't been posted by plastictoy, here's the Thought 12" by Grind

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[07 Jul 2006|04:30pm]

1. repair man
2. ski jump nose
3. spasm of identity
4. the apartment
5. the drifters
6. the gods of not very much
7. the holy blood and the holy grail
8. the impending collapse of it all
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[06 Jul 2006|12:48pm]
"i am not a number! i am a free download!"
i apologize for that.

1. hideout
2. i deserve what i get
3. i've seen the top of the mountain
4. k.i.double.s.i.n.g
5. king of beauty
6. lemonade secret drinker
7. promises
8. rebel without a quilt

GSOH is addicting, isn't it. that's a statment, not a question.
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[06 Jul 2006|03:24am]

A couple of downloads for you (at nakedyouth's request, sort of).

Face In The Crowd

What It's Like To Be Hated

The Greatest Pain

Moronica (Acoustic)
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[05 Jul 2006|04:51pm]
hey kids, here's upload #2*
1. black infinite space
2. but the trains run on time
3. church of the drive thru- elvis
4. fade in time
5. flourella
6. golden stone
7. grey lantern

*i'm only including the non-album tracks from eps. it's easier for me because its a faster upload, and its easier for you because you don't have to trash duplicate songs.

also, upon closer inspection of the discography in the kleptomania booklet, i'm missing 2 more songs. so at this point, i'm looking for the greatest pain, face in the crowd, what its like to be hated and moronica (acoustic).
if anyone can share those with me, i'd be forever indebted.
here's my my playlist in case you're interestedCollapse )
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[04 Jul 2006|08:13pm]
i have a ridiculous amount of music from mansun, thanks in part to culturedgoat. in fact, i think i'm only 2 songs short of a complete collection. give or take a couple official live tracks possibly and no remixes.
and i'm here to share because i genuinely love my fellow mansunites.

to start off with, here we have "the xmas sessions". this apparently quite rare thing is actually a collection of 4 really early demos was "given away as a prize at the mansun fan convention in liverpool in 2000".
the xmas sessions
1. she makes my nose bleed
2. stripper vicar
3. dark mavis
4. egg shaped fred

i'll be posting the rest of the non-album tracks over the next few days.
if you have soulseek, my mansun folder is shared with everyone. username: sainteuchrid
please don't abuse that. download what you want, but if you like what you can buy in shops, go buy it.

since i'm sharing all my shit, if anyone has 'the greatest pain', 'the gods of not very much' and/or 'moronica (acoustic)', i need those. thanks.
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[ mood | busy ]

Hi everybody,

Paul Draper's first diary entry is available at www.pauldraper.info , to read the diary entries simply subscribe to Paul's mailing list at the website, you will automatically recieve the latest diary entry when written, easy! Mailing list subscribers will also receive information on how to obtain exclusive audio and video content from Paul as and when it arrives.

For the meantime, updates specifically about all things Mansun (including the Best Of) will continue to be sent via the mailing list to which you are already subscribed if you are reading this email! Thanks to everyone who's already sent in their own personal photos for the artwork. Things are coming along nicely so don't fret, the CD and DVD will definitely be released this year.

Also check out www.skinmusic.net for details of Skin's current single 'Just Let the Sun', which was co-written by Paul. Skin's new album 'Fake Chemical State' is available now with the current single and previous collaboration 'Alone In my Room' and other Paul co-writes on the album. Upcoming tour dates can be found at Skin's website too.



Source: I'm on the Mansun & Paul Draper mailing list :-p

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MANSUN/PAUL DRAPER NEWS (23 Dec 05) [23 Dec 2005|11:07am]

[ mood | enthralled ]

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all on the Mansun mailing list.

Firstly, as we told you in the the last mailout, a Mansun 'Best Of' is coming out in the spring on Parlophone.

Work on the artwork is about to begin, so we would like to ask all fans on the database to send in any photos you have taken of the band over the years as a montage is currently being compiled for use somewhere on the album sleeve.

If you'd like to get involved please scan in your photos and send to mansun@parlophone.co.uk (preferably as high resolution print quality JPEGs or TIF files). Please do not send in any actual prints to the record label.

Also, please make sure you read the photographic agreement here which basically gives permission for Parlophone to use your shots on the artwork for the album.

Obviously your names will be credited in the sleeve notes if we use any of your photos and it will be a great way of becoming a part of the band's history. The 'Best Of' is being worked on as we speak and will also be available as a special edition CD/DVD containing videos and exclusive footage.

Paul is busy at present recording his first solo album, and his new official website, pauldraper.info, will be launched in the New Year. It will include exclusive audio and video content, news, as well as access to Paul's online diary of the recording of his new album. To find out when the site goes live, join Paul's Official mailing list now at www.pauldraper.info .

The Paul Draper Fansite www.pauldraper.net which is to be launched in the new year has now opened up its own fan forum at the following address http://forum.pauldraper.net, so those of you who cant wait for Paul's official site to launch, and feel the need to discuss the return of Mr Draper, head over there now to meet fellow fans.

Merry Christmas

Dark Mavis

Source: Mansun.net mailing list

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A MESSAGE FROM PAUL DRAPER!! [16 Nov 2005|10:47am]

[ mood | busy ]

Hi Everyone......

Paul here. I'm contacting everybody on the database to fill you all in on what I've been up to and what's happening in the near future. A really big thank you for your continuing support. I hope it's been worthwhile as there are quite a few releases coming up.

I've been busy in the studio and have 7 finished songs for my next project, and a whole pile of unrecorded songs which are being demo'd as I write this. The songs are for my upcoming solo project and I will keep you all informed of further details as things become more concrete with this over the next few months. Chad has also been down to the studio recently, doing the odd day playing various instruments - even drums!

On top of the solo stuff I am working with the guys from Parlophone on a Mansun 'Best Of...' CD which we are aiming to bring out in the spring. I hope to have some of my liner notes in there as well somewhere! We are also working on a DVD, which will form part of a "Special Edition" version of the album. This will include all the videos and some extra stuff too. We're currently sifting thru acres of tapes that we've accumulated over the years.

In addition to the above projects, you may already know that I've been working with ex-Skunk Anansie vocalist Skin on her forthcoming album 'Fake Chemical State'. The download only single 'Alone In My Room' (my first post-Mansun material) is a collaboration written and produced by myself and Skin and is available to download at iTunes now. The video for the single can also be viewed online through Skin's website.

'Alone in my Room'
Written and produced by Paul Draper and Skin
Vocals - Skin
Guitars and Bass - Paul Draper
Drums - Wayne Riches

The single is playlisted on XFM and you can request and vote for it on Music Response. The video can also be seen on Kerrang TV. Further songs I've written with Skin will be released in the new year and I'll keep you posted via the database when they're available. Skin will be playing some of the new songs we wrote together on her forthcoming UK tour (dates on the website - sorry London's sold out!).

So once again a big thanks for your continuing support and interest in the music and I'll be in touch as soon as there is more info!



Oh Paul, how I've missed you!!! Are you guys as excited as I am?

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[05 Aug 2005|12:28pm]

anyone know where i can find downloadable videos of them?
music videos or live gigs.
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spreading the love [20 Jul 2005|07:20pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

The last post got me thinking...

How about a massive music swap??

As I said before, I don't really see any harm in it as most (if not all) mansun's non-album tracks are unavailable commercially. Please say if there are any objections though!

Personally I'd love it as there are some tracks that I haven't managed to get hold of and am not sure if I'll ever be able to get hold of now. I'd be very happy to help people out if I've got anything they're after!

here's a list of what I haveCollapse )

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contact address [03 Jan 2005|11:52pm]

[ mood | constructive ]

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can write to Paul and/or the band? (or whatever's left of it)

I'm cringing at the thought of "fan mail", as I'm sure I'm way to old + it seems totally lame, but i wanted to drop a note to say thanks for all the thousands of hours of entertainment they've provided me with over the years. which is totally, utterly and completely different to fan mail. honest. :)

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[05 Nov 2004|09:07pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I hope nobody minds me saying this, but ive heard a rumour that the reason mansun split is because there were financial irregularities that were eventually traced back to stove, which is why on CD1 of kleptomania he isnt listed as having played bass - paul and chad did it, and also why 'thief' is one of the hidden tracks.

i remeber i while back on the message boards (the yahoo one i think) someone mentioned that a memeber had left with extreme animosity from the rest of the band.

has anyone else heard similar things?

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I'm not quite sure but I'll take this leap of faith... [10 Oct 2004|04:13am]

Does anyone know the origins of the secret track on CD1 of Kleptomania?
I mean, it's clearly a mish-mash of the best of Six (or is it?) but I was wondering how it was recorded. By the band? A fan? Or what?
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[08 Oct 2004|10:45am]

It's a cracking NME review of Kleptomnia really isn't it. Textbook stuff from them really. Spend about 2/3 of the piece having a go at Manusn fans for being really odd before mentioning the music briefly and giving it the inevitable 3 out of 10.

But what do YOU think of it? Go on, vote. You know you want to. I'm referring specifically to the new stuff that's on there with this poll, not the stuff on CD2.


Mean: 7.50 Median: 8 Std. Dev 2.65

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